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QuikTrip opens new north Tulsa location; full-service food counter among it's features.

The much-anticipated QuikTrip opened its doors in North Tulsa. The 3500 sq. ft store includes a full-service food counter to enjoy, The new store is located at Pine and Peoria. It's one of QT's new Generation 3 stores. Residents in that part of Tulsa have been asking for a QT nearby for years. The new store was built where an old Fiesta Mart was, that was closed in 2017. Detail

Sapulpa Arby’s To Re-Open After Remodel

SAPULPA, Oklahoma - After being closed for more than two weeks, the Arby's in Sapulpa will reopen with a party.
Tulsa's United States Beef Corporation, the largest Arby's franchisee, says the restaurant closed on August 21 for an extensive remodel. It will reopen on Wednesday, September 6, 2017. Detail