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Construction Management

Construction Management is the process of hiring a company to provide Owner representation, administration and project control during construction.  Construction Management is best suited to those projects with unique or unusual features that would require specialized knowledge and coordination as well as more complex form of administration, such as those including time restrictive phasing and/or scheduling circumstances or those that might be contracted in stages or divided into multiple packages.  Construction Management is also an appropriate choice for projects that require the utilization of specialized contracctors or those projects for which there are inherent budget or cost control concerns.

Construction Management consists of two essential phases:  1) pre-construction and 2) construction services.  Different projects may demand various services during each phase of the project.  JBC Construction Management Services will develop and maintain a master project schedule that tracks the key milestones for the Owner, Architect and Contractor.  JBC will provide cost modeling and budget control to ensure projects remain within budget.  JBC will provide building systems analysis and value engineering to ensure the most cost effective construction components are selected for projects.  JBC will identify and pre-purchase any long lead-time materials to ensure timely completion of projects.  JBC will develop required bid packages to ensure the maximum number of qualified subcontractors and suppliers have an opportunity to participate and bid on projects.  

JBC Construction Management Service will provide complete and thorough administration of all projects, including subcontractors and suppliers, including field supervision and coordination.  Our office staff will prepare and monitor all required paperwork.  These functions may be completed in an "Open Book" fashion and may be incorporated with or without the inclusion of a Guaranteed Maximum Price.  We will tailor a program specific to individual needs to ensure that projects are of the highest construction quality, completed in a timely manner, at a fair and reasonable price.