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The Design/Build approach to construction is a unique method of contracting and definitely has a place in the market. Under the Design/Build setting the General Contractor and Project Designers work under the same umbrella and the design is actually directed and administrated by the contractor who will be performing the work. This approach is well suited to projects such as those turn-key installations that must be completed in the most cost effective and expedient manner. Those projects that include existing facility coordination and interface or special scheduling circumstances, or for those projects to be largely constructed by only a few specialty contractors. Numerous other types of projects are well suited to the Design/Build approach as well and each project should be evaluated by the owner, designer and contractor to determine the best methods to employ.

The most important aspects of our work at Jim Butler Construction Co., Inc. are quality construction, cost effectiveness and timely completion. We do not pre-select an Architectural/Engineering firm with whom to work on projects. We carefully evaluate the specific project needs of our clients and then develop a scope of services required to complete the project. From that scope of services, we then obtain fee proposals from qualified and experienced architectural and engineering firms. Upon receipt of the proposals from each A/E firm, we meet with our client to jointly determine the firm that will best fulfill the vision of the project. This allows us to obtain the most qualified professionals for projects at a competitive cost with a defined and specific scope of services.

Our strength in maintaining the versatility to hand pick our design/build team in a competitive environment ensures the best possible product at the most competitive price available.