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General Contracting

Traditional General Contracting remains one of the most efficient forms of project completion in the construction industry today. Whether in the open bid market or as a select General Contractor, Jim Butler Construction displays the experience and ability to combine competitive pricing with exceptional service and management. While working in the open bidding arena, we are able to provide competitive pricing along with a level of service and management a step above that of our competitors.

Lump Sum Open Bidding was originally designed primarily for those projects utilizing public funding and for those seeking the lowest possible pricing for a project. Our success in this market displays the true competitive nature of our company and our ability to provide the most competitive pricing while maintaining the highest standards of quality. Our presence and steady workload in this market ensures that we remain on the cutting edge of the current market and pricing trends, the availability of subcontractors, suppliers and materials, and the local work force and labor conditions which are all essential in providing the best pricing and service possible for your project.