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Owner/Lender Representation

While developing and implementing any construction project, the Owner/Lender is required to contract with and successfully manage a wide range of consultants, service providers, and equipment/material suppliers. All of these parties specialize in their respective trades, and as with any business enterprise, they operate with their own best interests in mind. For the professional contractor, “best interest” should include providing the Owner/Lender with the highest quality product and performance possible, in the most cost effective manner. However, some Owners and/or Lenders may not have the experience or knowledge to adequately evaluate some of the more specialized requirements of the project, or the resources to effectively manage it. The expertise required to manage the construction of large or even small-scale facilities is significant and can be rather overwhelming.

Owner/Lender Representation is one of the numerous services offered by Jim Butler Construction to assist in making the construction process less stressful for all parties. The Owner/Lender has the option to choose any one or all of the services listed below, to customize a program best suited for the specific needs of the project.

As the Owner/Lender Representative, JBC will provide a summary evaluation to include any or all of the following options:

While the immediate benefit of Owner/Lender Representation is risk management, the ultimate benefit is that the Owner/Lender is relieved of the day-to- day management of the project. The Owner/Lender Representative assumes the responsibility of the construction process, as well as all administrative functions associated with the project.